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10 Smile-Worthy Disney Facts (by Oh My Disney)

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The original story of the little mermaid is that she must kill the prince in order to be human, and in the end, she loves him too much and kills herself instead.

The artwork is too great not to reblog. 

Ok, ok - important expansion: she only has to kill the Prince because the deal was if he fell in love with her she could be human forever, and he didn’t. By which I mean, he was a good person and genuinely nice to her, but he didn’t fall in love. He fell in love with someone else, also perfectly nice - not the seawitch in disguise, fu Disney. The Mermaid is told she can only return to the sea now if she kills the Prince. She goes into the room where he and his lover lie sleeping and they look so beautiful and happy together that she can’t do it.

That’s why she kills herself. And because it was a noble act she returns to sea as foam.

One moral of the story was that women shouldn’t fundamentally change who they are for love of a man, and in theory Han Christian Anderson wrote it for a ballerina with whom he fell in love. She was marrying someone else who wouldn’t let her dance.

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Stop. Listen. You won’t regret it.


Turkish artist Hasan Kale creates incredibly tiny works of art on the surfaces of food.


French artist Mademoiselle Maurice created this gorgeous map of the world with rainbow-colored drips of water. This piece, along with other artworks, will be on display at the artist’s solo exhibition Colors are the New Black until mid-July at the Backside Gallery in Marseille, France.



Matt Corby - Lonely Boy (The Black Keys Cover)

This guy is my favourite singer. Unique and amazing.

I’m going to forever reblog this from myself every once in a while.


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"She was very beautiful, and had that vulnerable quality, and that youth, and talent, and enthusiasm. She had a wonderful sense of humour - she was just fun to be with. And one of the things my mother kept all of her life was a childlike quality." - Pia Lindström on her mother, Ingrid Bergman.

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